Accident Medical

Accident Medical  


Accidents are unpredictable, for groups as well as for individuals. Be prepared with accident medical insurance and accidental death insurance for community groups and special events in case an accidental injury or death occurs during a sponsored group activity.

Special Event insurance provides short-term general liability coverage for a wide range of one-time and short-term events.

However, Special Event insurance does not apply to bodily injury, or death of any person while rehearsing or practicing for, participating in or traveling to or from any contest or exhibition of an athletic, dance or sports nature.

Sports and athletic injuries are some of the most frequently reported accidents. Mercer Consumer recommends Special Markets Insurance Consultants (SMIC) for obtaining coverage for your Accident Medical Insurance needs in relation to your Special Events liability coverage.

This program protects all insured participants of the activities. Coverage protects individuals while participating in the insured organization’s activities and traveling to, during or after such activities as a member of a group in transportation furnished or arranged by the Policyholder.
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Clubs/Groups Insurance

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Use this application to cover ongoing club/group activities; typically an annual policy.



Special Event Insurance

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  • Use this application for individuals or for clubs/groups when planning one (non-recurring) special event.
  • Purchase spectator only coverage; or
  • Purchase participant coverage, with accident medical (required) and
  • spectator coverage is included.
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